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Hello. I’m John Evarts, a photographer in the Southern California area. Over the years, I have used 35mm slides, 35mm B&W, medium format B&W, and digital media for my images. My first film camera was a Minolta SRT-101; my first digital camera was a Kodak, DC260 – 1.6 MP, 3x optical zoom.

I now photograph with a Canon 5D mk IV. I put most of my digital work on the web or in slide shows, but I also make prints, and I made one self-published book.

Most of my photography is from my various travels, both domestic and international. For a long time I have loved street shooting, although I didn’t give it that label. (And it doesn’t quite apply to the Paris Metro – substreet shooting, I guess.) I find that shooting in urban environments is deeply gratifying and engaging.

I’m primarily self-taught, using both books and practice to learn all of the different steps. A few years back I attended a one-week photographic workshop in Havana, concentrating on street shooting, and it changed me in many ways. I felt my work significantly improved, and the trip increased my pleasure and desire for doing street shooting. I also benefited more than I ever anticipated from working with the all of the other photographers in the workshop, and the instructors were wonderful. So, I will be looking for more seminars and workshops, in addition to trips that I make with my wife, Cynthia. It is thanks to her that I have been able to do all that I have.