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Drukgyel Dzong near Paro
Watching and listening to a Rimdro blessing
Woman outside store in Katsho village, Haa Valley
Building the walls on a rammed earth house
Carrying pine needles, Haa valley
Farmer, Haa valley
Resident, Katsho village, Haa valley
Market, Punaka
Laya dancer at the Gasa Tshechu festival
Changing room, Gasa Tshechu festival
Watching the dancers at the Gasa Tshechu festival
Young girl after giving an offering, Gasa Tshechu festival
On the trail from Gasa to Koina. No vehicles - just pack animals for all supplies and materials.
Laya resident
Storekeeper, Laya Village
Making a traditional Laya hat, Laya Village
Student at the primary school, Laya Village
Taphu Village, Gangtey