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In January, 2020, I took a trip to Antarctica - this had been a dream of mine for a while. I first spent several days in and around Punta Arenas, Chile, followed by a flight to King George Island, part of the South Shetland Islands. There I joined the group on the 20 meter ketch, Ocean Tramp. There were four of us passengers, four crew, and a professional photographer. We spent the next two weeks cruising along the islands and bays of the Antarctic peninsula. This was one of the most wonderful photography trips I have ever taken, and I now know how fortunate I was to complete the trip before all the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.
On King George Island before embarking on the boat
The Ocean Tramp, a 65 foot ketch
Gentoos nesting near Ketly Bay, Rongé Island
Gentoo penguin fresh from an ocean bath, Yankee Harbor, Greenwich Island
Gentoo footprints
Chinstrap penguin after a cleansing swim, Ketly Bay
Gentoos calling, Cuverville Island
Gentoos, chinstraps, and others gathering for fishing in Ketly Bay
Gentoos fishing for krill, Ketly Bay
Gentoo adult feeding its chick, Ketly Bay
Adélie guarding its egg, Palmer Station
Adélie penguins lined up for a bathing and fishing expedition, near Palmer Station
Creche of juvenile gentoos, Barrientos Island
Antarctic tern (Cuverville Island)
Imperial shags, nesting near Ketly Bay, Rongé Island
Weddell seal, Ketly Bay
Male and female Weddell seals, Ketly Bay
Weddell seals resting on an iceberg off Booth Island, Lemaire Channel
Leopard seal near Wiencke Island
Weddel seal off Pleneau Island, west of Lemaire Channel
Antarctic fur seal, Barrientos Island
Rounding a point on Deception Island, with Livingston Island in the distance
Iceberg by Cuverville Island
Iceberg near Rongé Island
Wave breaking on a large iceberg in the Gerlache Strait, between Trinity Island and the Christiania Islands
In the Gerlache Strait, between Trinity Island and the Christiania Islands
Iceberg with Greenpeace ship in the distance, Gerlache Strait
Late sunlight on the coast, Hughes Bay, near the Gerlache Strait
Several humpbacks and a skua in the Gerlache Strait
Old whaling wreck, Enterprise Island
Coastline, Nansen Island
Icebergs in Wilhelmina Bay
Tourists from a large cruise ship, Lemaire Channel
Iceberg with central pool near the Lemaire Channel
Rainbow over King Sejong Station (S. Korea), King George Island
Caesar, one of the ship's crew, watching the sunset off Yankee Harbor, around 10:30 pm
Adult rhea, which is distantly related to the ostritch and emu, taken near Punta Arenas, Chile
Austral pygmy owl, which only grows to 6.5 - 8 inches tall
Magellanic woodpecker, spotted in the woods outside of Punta Arenas